Single & 3-Phase Control Transformers

A Control Transformer supplies power to control and / or auxiliary equipment not intended for direct connection to the main source. Control Transformers are specifically used to provide control supply voltage for the control circuits of AC motor starters i.e. starter coils, timers, indicating lamps electronics protection relays etc. Control Transformers for contractor applications have to energize the coils. It should have good regulation for surge current.

Control transformers are mostly used for industrial applications where electromagnetic devices such as contractors, relays and solenoids are used. They are also used in less sensitive devices where accurate secondary low voltages are essential. The Control Transformer maximizes inrush capability and output voltage regulation when electromagnetic devices are initially energized. Control transformers are sometimes called Industrial Control Transformers, Machine Tool Transformers, or Control Power Transformers.

We offer a range of Control Transformers (1 Phase & 3 Phase - 50VA to 100 KVA) which is manufactured with optimum quality Electrical Steel Laminations, Copper Wires & Terminal Blocks.

Three Phase Control Transformers are widely used for changing values of three phase voltage and current. They're fabricated with three sets of primary and secondary windings. Also, high grade material is used by our professionals for developing these Transformers.

Control Transformer Specifications
  • Power Range : 50 VA - 100 KVA
  • Type : Single/Two/Three Phase
  • Input Voltage : Up to 750 V
  • Output Voltage : Up to 750 V
  • Output Current : Up to 100 Amps
  • Frequency : 50/60Hz
  • Protection Index : IP 00
  • Protection Class : I
  • Insulation Class : B, F, H
  • Ambient Temp : 40°C
  • Construction : Double Winding/Safe-Touch Terminal/Vacuum Impregnation/Earthing Terminal
  • Testing : No Load Current Test/Short Circuit Test/Winding Ratio Test/Winding Resistance Test/Heat Run Test/H.V. Test/Insulation Test