• At Smisen, we take pride in offering the most superior engineering and design services. From design to fabrication, we stop at nothing to insure that your order is properly fulfilled. Once you provide us with your specific requirements, we will develop concepts and generate full set of assembly drawings to meet your needs. Our experienced engineering staff, who have developed thousands of designs addressing even the most difficult requirements, are available to assist you and your team with every aspect of the design process.
  • Smisen uses the unrivaled SolidWorks© CAD software to perfectly model and unfold your parts. The modeling allows us to transfer your design to metal quickly and accurately, as well as to identify potential manufacturing problems at the design stage. This means we can correct any errors before your parts are fabricated, saving time and money. Smisen also maintains seats of Pro-Engineer and can import most CAD models in formats such as IGES or STEP.
  • Smisen utilizes Amada's AP100 and Dr. Abe to program our CNC Machines & our press brakes swiftly and precisely. All CNC machinery on the shop floor is connected directly to our network, allowing for safe controlled storage and immediate access to all CNC programs. At Smisen Controls, everything we do is aimed at your satisfaction.