Punched Steel grid Braking resistors

Punched steel grid resistors consist of grids punched from corrosion resisting SS 304 grade Steel or a high-grade FrCrAl Alloy.

The plates may be switched in series and parallel. As a result, every conceivable resistance value can be realised quickly and easily.

Steel-grid resistors consist of steel elements or plates punched in a meandering pattern.

For mechanical stability the longitudinal sides of the grids are reinforced to allow the plates to be assembled into blocks with insulated threaded bolts.

Thanks to the large surface area, this structure results in particularly good heat emission and is therefore suitable for high continuous outputs. In addition, the large mass of the resistor packages permits very high impulse loads.

Mechanical Specifications
Outer Case 120 GSM Galvanized MS CRCA Sheet or MS CRCA Sheets duly powder coated
Enclosure Sheet Thickness 1.2/1.6/2.0/2.5 mm
Mounting Floor Mounting / Wall Mounting
Base Stand/Stool Extra Stool can be provided in required
Cable Entry Bottom Entry / Side Entry / Top Entry
Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP20-IP43
Lifting Hooks M10
Technical Specifications
Resistor Element SS304 Punched Grid Plates
Insulators Ceramic Insulators provided between SS304 plates
Operating Voltage 600VAC (850VDC) / 690VAC (1100VDC)
Cooling Natural Air Cooling / Forced Cooling
Peak Power 150% for 1 min
Insulation Voltage 2500 VAC / 1 min
Terminals Copper/Aluminium Busbar Links or Stud Terminals
Ambient Temperature 50 °C
Operating Temperature Maximum 375 °C over ambient
Insulation Resistance > 20 MΩ at 1000VDC
Dielectric Strength No breakdown at 2.5 kVAC RMS
Earthing Bolt M8 Size Bolt
  • For indoor applications where the body temperature in a constraint, we can provide forced cooling to the Steel Grid Braking Resistor to conform to the desired temperature threshold.
  • The cooling fans are operated by thermal switches of appropriate temperatures
  • The IP ratings can be between IP00 - IP43