LC Sine Wave Filter

SMISEN Make LC Sine Wave Filters are best-in-class filter delivering unequaled performance in cleaning the PWM waveforms generated by Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). They eliminates high frequency content and voltage peaks, thereby reducing motor heating to give you extended motor life – and less downtime. Our Sinus Filters also offers incredible reliability and durability.

Typical Block Schematic

A comprehensive range of Compact, IP20 Dynamic Braking Resistors

LC Sine Wave Filter Technical Specs
Technical Specifications
Nominal operating voltage 3 x 500VAC ±10%
Motor frequency 0 to 70Hz (up to 200Hz)
Switching frequency 2kHz to 4kHz
Rated currents 4.5 to 1200A @ 45°C
Motor cable length Up to 2,000 m
Impedance 8 to 10% @ 400V, 50Hz and rated current
Product Range 1.1kW to 600kW
Overload capability 1.5 x rated current for 1 minute, once per hour
Capacitance Connection Y or Δ
Insulation class Class F
Design corresponding to IEC 61558-2-20
Declaration of conformity CE
LC Sine Wave Filter Advantages
  • Converts the rectangular PWM output voltage of motor drives into a smooth sine wave with low residual ripple
  • Increase motor life: Reduce motor heating through reduction of high frequencies associated with VFD output and also reduce motor insulation stress through reduction of motor peak voltages.
  • Reduce motor audible noise: Reduce audible noise through reducing high frequencies associated with VFD output.
  • Protect your motor cable: The reduction of high frequencies associated with VFD output eliminates the need for special motor cables.
LC Sine Wave Filter Applications
  • HVAC applications
  • Pumps
  • Ventilators
  • Conveyors
  • Compressors
  • Elevators
  • Cranes
  • Medium voltage applications, deployed in front of the step-up transformer
  • Retrofit installations with motor drives
  • Motor drive with long motor cable
  • Motor drive with multiple motors in parallel